Arcane Odyssey Fighting Playstyles

Accumulating everything I’ve seen from each of the PVP leaks, I can discern what the best playstyle could be for each of the fighting styles.
This is all my opinion. I could be incorrect.


We don’t have a lot of strength combat, used, but watching the recent DoctheWarbird video, I think I can figure it out. Strength is probably in the middle in terms of speed. You could probably win by applying as much pressure as you can on the enemy, and not letting them think. However, weapons can do this much more effectively. Strength could probably succeed by playing a defensive style, as well.


We haven’t seen much Magic PVP. But what I can say is that Magic PVP would be identical/similar to current WoM PVP. You should play defensive against a weapon user, since they can pack in a 400 damage combo if your too reckless. Try to enemies AFTER they use an attack. If your fighting another magic user, this still applies. And finally, when fighting a strength, user, you should try to predict them. This can apply to weapon users too.

For conjurors using magic as a side, apply as much pressure as you can, with your weapons. You can choose defensive or offensive, but I feel a magic based conjuror would work best with an offensive playstyle.


After watching DoctheWarbirds video, I realized Infernoferno’s mistake(or at least its a mistake in my opinion).
The reason why Inferno won against Selector was because Selector kind of sucked at the game, but also because Inferno applied pressure. He used Weapons greatest “weapon”, and thats speed. Inferno’s build is great for applying pressure, and he seemed to be playing passive when he was fighting DoctheWarbird.

I think Inferno would have won if he was more aggressive.

I’ve never even played AO and I’m making these speculations, so I’m okay if people start insulting me in the comments lol ;-;

It might seem I’m repeating myself too much.

So let me explain further:
Weapons specialty is speed and applying pressure(immo)

Fists/Fighting Styles specialty is like jack of all trades, you can apply pressure effectively and you can counter effectively.

Magics specialty is kind of complicated because not much magic PVP leaks, but I think a magic user would do better if they attacked from afar, and waited for the enemy to come close.

Conjurors would be best with applying pressure too, maybe even better than a weapon user since they have more options.

You have these two flipped, and vetex literally said their playstyles on the dev update,
magic is zoner/ranged based focused on using their massive aoe to their advantage
Fighting styles are rushdown based on physical techniques and all trying to get in your opponents face and use high speeds to their advantage
Weapons are a combination of both-hence the name mixup, they have a mix of abilities that are one or the other and can change their method of attack if necessary



I didn’t know that. ;-;

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