Arcane Odyssey: Hell Mode

Self-explanatory. A setting for Arcane Odyssey that makes it utter HELL. Literally.

Click below for all of the changes…yeah, I know this mode is never coming. It’s just a joke.

List of Changes
  1. Whenever you choose your magic, there’s a 60% chance it’ll just be a completely random one instead, and a 40% chance you get no magic at all. So choosing your Magic is meaningless.
  2. You don’t get any sailboat for completing the first part of the story. You need to swim all the way to Redwake to buy a Sailboat…which costs 5,000 Galleons.
  3. Chests have a 90% chance of not spawning, and when you click on a chest, there’s a 5% chance it’ll explode, dealing 700 damage.
  4. If you die, you are banned from the game for a week and your save file is deleted.
  5. All enemies are 100 levels above you.
  6. You gain EXP 5 times slower.
  7. Two words. Land. Sharks.
  8. If you use a weapon, there’s a 10% chance you’ll accidentally stab/hit yourself.
  9. If you a bad thing as minor as breaking a window, 1,000 Grand Navy soldiers will be deployed after you. Also destroys your FPS.
  10. For added realism, Acid and Magma magic instantly make you melt when you come in contact with the aforementioned magic: killing you instantly and turning you into a skeleton (Or even melting your skeleton, in Magma’s case)
  11. If you’re a Guild Member, any server you join is filled with other guild members that want to kill you for infamy.
  12. Storms are so intense they can fling you off the map, so far away Roblox starts to glitch and you phase away from existence.
  13. If you set the graphics to the maximum, your computer will instantly explode.
  14. If you get hit by a Poison/Ash magic cloud, you will get lung cancer, dealing damage over time until you die.
  15. Whenever you cast a spell, there’s a 5% chance it will explode, dealing damage based on how strong the spell is.
  16. Enchantments don’t exist anymore.
  17. So does trading and sending Galleons to people.
  18. And also forge NPCs.
  19. Every second, there’s a one in a million chance an asteroid will fall on you, destroying everything and killing everybody in the entire server.
  20. Sharks have a greatly increased spawn rate. There can be as many as 50 of them at a time.

And the last, most fear-inducing, most horrifying change is…

You can post additional ideas in the comments and stuff.

  • swimming in bare water for more than 10 seconds around a relatively cold area causes hypothermia and you freeze to death
  • the floor is literal lava
  • All magics can can apply a status effect to you under certain conditions will be able to do so without meeting those conditions first. For instance, a lightning attack will always paralyze you.
  • Status effects applied to you will last ten times longer than normal, if not forever. Also, they can’t be cleared by any normal means.
  • All NPCs that are hostile to you can now use magic, regardless if it makes sense or not.
  • If you hit a villager, they spontaneously become a high-level member of the Grand Navy and will fight back. Don’t forget that they will also use magic, as stated previously.
  • Magic scrolls still exist, but they are 1000x more rare than before. If you somehow get one and use it, you will permanently gain max insanity and the Grand Navy will constantly spawn around you to try and kill you.
  • If you are arrested, your jail cell will have a hostile Grand Navy member in it, and you can’t fight back in your handcuffs. They also won’t break your cuffs by hitting you. If you die, your jail time resets to max (not that it matters, since dying also temp-bans you and deletes your character).

you have 1 health all the time and the defense stat is replaced by a % of damage nullified (100% of damage nullified protects you from 1 damage taken, 250% = 2.5 damage etc.)

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If you choose the wrong dialog choice for Morden he will smite you

you die immediately when you join the game-

Flying Sharks would be both consistent and better

L a s e r s h a r k s .

Complete sentence.


fucken filter… swear to god

megalodon shark tanks that fire lasers

Only real threat tbh

no other changes, you literally just fucking die and get perm banned.

you’re a very evil person :sunglasses:

You drown instantly

Dying is permaban and uninstalls roblox on ur pc and if you re-install it your pc spontaneously combusts

You have 1HP

Your hunger and saturation deplete ridiculously fast and food is 2x rarer

You have to speedrun the game in under 1 hour

Every shark is an alpha white eyes that can fly, shoots minigun lasers and travels at mach 10, does infinite dmg

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  • fall damage that does 69 damage per meter you drop

Hell mode
Water spells evaporate instantly
Npcs that sleep on beds explode
Earth turns into magma
Sand becomes glass
Glass becomes molten glass
Heat based spells do 10x damage.

  1. Obama is now real

  2. He is hunting you

  3. He uses the legendary SPOON MAGIC

im doomed