Arcane Odyssey MC

Do you think the protag of AO will be an amnesiac or do you think we’ll get to know at least a bit of their past?

AO character
  • Amnesia and we don’t learn anything about their past
  • Amnesia and we learn a bit about their past
  • Protagonist fully remembers their past

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Surely we get to know even a bit about the past

That’s what i’m hoping for

i love how no one is choosing the 3rd option lol

We might just remember all of it in like a final battle or something idk ;-;

If the final battle could exist unlike the last two tries.

Like the Vetex trend goes, Amnesiac wakes up on an island with no memory whatsoever


Then they proceed to become the most powerful being in the Arcane Universe :smirk:

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