Arcane odyssey , My Opinion of all builds , and way savant are the best

First , Thats all my Opinion

Alls Hybrid builds is for specif type of person

Like berseker , The kinda of person who like to punch , etc
Its the same for all Builds , you just like it

Everyone tell savant is bad , Probably because is the game release??? , Was a savant you will be better than conjurer , warlord , You able to Not just add magic to your weapons , but also to your fight style , For me savant is for someone who wants to get Full experience , Like was me , I probably If i can I will reset and turn a savant , At the future , Probably going to be one of the most funny to play , Not like the most powerfull , But was like i said , to someone who want all , like AA , use fight style magic and weapons same time! , thats all


Savant is a long term investment it’s alright rn but will be better late game

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I love the idea of having just about everything in my arsenal, but definitely not something i’ll invest in during this stage of the game, similar to how vitality is not a useful skill to cling onto right now, but later it will be

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I get that savant is the “User of all, master of none” type, but man it sure is tough being a savant in early access. I pity them considering they’re worse than juggernaut at the moment

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