Arcane odyssey pre release predictions

cannon fist and savant will be an underrated meta.
the storyline will have atleast 1.5 hours of content (2-3 for people who fully read dialogue)
the fastest speedrun for the arcane odyssey storyline will be under 30 minutes.
the game will release with 60k players and the average ping will be around 150-300.
the game will go down to 16k after 5 days and will remain at an average.

Come on guys let’s get ao on the front page day one


yeah ao has been poppin off lots of gpo youtubers aswell as deepwoken youtubers have been covering the game but no only that old aa players have been in soliels comment section reminiscing on the game so its def gonna hit front page

But can we get it front page day one

It’d be a sin if we couldn’t get AO to front page day one, this game has been hyped up so much and is very heavily anticipated

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the first 50 levels is already about 5 hours

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thing is everytime i asked the testers about they all were accounting for travel time aswell as dialouge. so not including those things 1.5 hours is a nice estimate

I mean there is the adventure log and islands stuff so leveling up should take less time overall, but this is still pretty concerning for me

as long as its not a boring grind or just something that makes me feel braindead i think ill enjoy the storyline

ok i don’t believe that at all. that travel time would be gawd damn crazy. let’s say the level and story time needed is static, so like to level 100 would be like 10 hours, but then the actual story conent is only 1.5 hours? in a game mostly focused around the story??

It’s ridiculous that you think travel time between each story island is that long lol. I think travel time between islands amounting to at least an hour is a much more reasonable estimate.

Testers have said it was 8+ hours if you read all the dialogue. It is so unrealistic to think that travel time would amount to like 6 and a half hours

Honestly awakenings should be an investment. Putting effort in to build your character, plus stat reset potions.

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Attack size armor or base stat will get nerfed not long after release

might also be before release lol

I will KILL all meta players :imp:

Personally, I think even with its versatility it won’t be able to compete against other builds since it doesn’t have Aura or Focus.

Yeah, the unfortunate reality of Savant is that being the Jack-of-All-Trades but master of none mean you won’t have access to the same later, and more powerful techniques other classes are focusing towards.

The warriors in question.

Weapons are the worst for a reason :mariomug:

Weapon users when I plant a magnet-shroom on my lawn and call them ‘zombies’ for using the worst type of offense

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