Arcane Odyssey v1.12 Balancing Changes WIP

Just deal with what we’re getting for now and we’ll see where things go from v1.12. Mage is gunna get hit very, very heavily, and it’s gunna leave most of its players crying. It’s kinda hard to crutch on Ultimate Art when the CD is like, a minute (?), so if that’s the only source of insane size without full AoE investment post-v1.12 I’m okay with that

i’ve noticed another problem with mage while playing it

placed explosion doesn’t require you to aim and the solution proposed is likely not to be added due to it being possibly too big

so i can STILL get like 150 damage for free even with my terrible aim on blasts and if i’m too far away to hit a beam

speaking of beams, what is the point to using a single beam now? double beams are genuinely just superior as far as i’ve seen

been asking that since launch I have no clue at all

the only time i’ve used a single beam since WoM was on my conjurer

and that’s solely because he has 100 magic which isn’t enough to adjust the amount of beams there are

There is a pretty cool suggestion about placed explosions and how they should be reworked to be less ‘braindead’. Other than the overall size nerfs, that is.

True. Single beams are honestly obsolete when compared to double beams. Multiple beams still have higher total damage so might still be somewhat useful, but double beams are just superior versions of single beams.

to punish hybrids with 100 magic 150 else :smiling_face_with_tear:

Safe. 120/130 here LOL

the thing is that the doc has the placed explosion rework as the ONLY thing they’d do to placed explosions, and it’s only experimental, nowhere NEAR confirmed.

i’m convinced that they need to put other nerfs onto the placed explosion in the pretty likely case that the rework doesn’t happen, which, unfortunately, i don’t know what they’d do, as the problem with placed explosion is still present no matter what you do to its size or damage

True. If these placed explosions nerf doesn’t happen, they will probably continue to be a problem.

Considering how oppressive explosions are at the moment, being a bit more… ‘energetic’ with their nerfs might be a good idea.

Especially when there are lots of ‘builds’ out there that basically consist in getting near someone and just charging explosion to max size once. LOL

the “problem” i’m talking about is this:
you don’t need to determine where your opponent will be like with blasts
you don’t need to stay too closeby (they work at around the same range as beams, maybe less, maybe more)
all you have to do is keep your cursor at their general area and boom, free damage. it’s also too fast for someone to reliably block/parry, but even if it was slowed, it’d be the ONLY thing they’d do, and then it becomes sort of pointless

then again, blasts stay around for more than long enough for people to reliably block/parry them, and people get hit anyway, so i don’t really know

maybe it’s SLIGHTLY like (forgive me for this) deepwoken where every move you can do (i think) is parryable, but people just don’t sometimes and boom, they lose, and the combat is still generally regarded as good
edit: nvm just remembered that you can feint things in deepwoken and that’s why people get hit, completely disregard my comparison lol

The placed explosions rework would at least HELP to mitigate that problem. It probably wouldn’t be enough to completely solve it though, since placed explosions would still… kinda be a better version of blast with huge range.

range as in distance from you, or AoE? because blasts are the winner of the former

Placed explosions have a very big AoE and a decent range on top of that. So in MOST cases, using placed explosions is just a better alternative

anyway i’m gonna be afk for a good while starting now, so if anyone has anything to say to me, i won’t be here to respond in like 30m to an hour


Not a fan of this change. I understand the sentiment, but at bare minimum make it so that health gained from Vitality boosts your base HP regen, even if Defense is no longer a factor. This change is aiming to make the worst stat in the game even worse.

HP regen is only a problem in two scenarios:

  • Fights where both players are of low skill, and struggle to deal damage quickly or deal a finishing blow. Fights between skilled players (or involving at least one skilled player) tend to end very quickly in this game, even when tankier builds are involved, though they certainly slow things down a bit (as per their nature).
  • Fights where the player with the larger health pool crutches on health regeneration by running for prolonged periods of time. This is a problem of running, not of health regen.

I don’t think Testers realize how pitiful Vitality is going to be if this change goes through. It reduces your damage, reduces your energy, keeps you stuck at a lower tier, and is a point investment that unlocks nothing for you in return, in exchange for increased HP, and faster HP regen thanks to your boosted max health. Why remove half of what makes it a stat even vaguely worth consideration?

Vitality, and tank builds in general, don’t find their strength solely from their HP pool. It’s about outlasting. This change takes away from that part of their identity almost entirely. I don’t even think Spirit Weapons will be able to save Vitality if their health no longer has any effect on their regen at all.

Nerf HP regen overall if you have to, but this just isn’t the play. Vitality builds are not an issue. Tank builds are not an issue. The only real abusers of high HP as it stands are 90 Vitality / 160 Magic Mages, which are already getting removed.

You’re gutting the worst stat to fix a non-existent problem.


Testers to vitality:

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fr bro I swear to god some tester has a vendetta against the stat , HP in the game in general is already pretty ass (Hard enchant use rate has to be 1/15 that of Strong or less) and by extension so is Vitality , why they’re tryna nerf an already struggling stat is beyond me

god forbid you run anything that isn’t Power or Attack Size :man_shrugging:

Point is, if that is in fact “the range,” he was also in range in the first clip. And yet it didn’t connect, despite the target also not blocking. Hence snare being buggy and unreliable. And therefore not a particularly good move.

And once again, I hold the claim that “no identity” is not an identity, or at least not a particularly good one. The incentives to use the magic usually then devolve into either A, using it because it’s edgy, or B, using it because it’s m e t a and has good stats.

you fr trying to tell me that this isn’t in range for a snare?