﹙Arcane Of Magic﹚Chapter 2 - “New allies, new goals.”

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Hi! :ramen: It’s me again, and this is Episode 2 of my project Arcane Of Magic, it took me a while to write the second episode because I was… I won’t even use an excuse that I wasn’t motivated, I was just lazy, but I finally decided to do it and here it is, well I hope you like it and that’s it, let’s go!

Chapter 2 - “New allies, new goals.”

Zuigetsu Calding after seeing his brother become the bearer of the Durza artifact, seeing his father die in front of him and waking up at the end of a river in the middle of the forest, he would start running desperately for somewhere, as apparently he was too far away. miles away from your realm.

Zuigetsu was just silent as tears fell from his eyes, a hatred began to flow through his body that he had never felt before, along with a feeling of sadness and contempt never felt for him, after running, running and running, he passes by the side of a village, which seemed to be abandoned because there was no one on the streets or inside the house, zuigetsu as he passed the side of the village, he heard a noise of a window breaking on the other street.

" - Ah?! … "

Zuigetsu then stopped running, tried to control himself for a moment and wiped the tears from his eyes, soon starting to enter the village to see what that noise was, while he was walking to the streets and looking around, he heard several noises of movements, in addition to seeing shapes around the houses and alleys he was looking at, which was getting closer and closer to zuigetsu, when zuigetsu realized this, he stopped walking and entered a combat pose.


Zuigetsu shouted this as he looked around, after the zuigetsu had said this, the noises just stopped and the figures just disappeared… but zuigetsu could only hear and feel something coming at high speed coming from behind him, at a glance , he notices someone with a cloak that covered almost his entire body, except his face, showing to be someone blond and with daggers in each of his hands, ready to give him an attack from behind.

" - URGH!"

Zuigetsu started to turn around, but the said man tries to attack zuigetsu making a diagonal cut with each of the daggers, but zuigetsu just dodged at high speed giving a whirl.

" - Got you…"

In a matter of seconds, zuigetsu was behind the man while he was just showing a surprised face, as he had his guard open, zuigetsu put his hand forward and opened a magic circle of the explosion in the man’s face…

" - Explode!! "

He released an explosion projectile in the man’s face, which soon exploded in the area of ​​that street, causing the man to be thrown far away, almost at the end of the street with parts of his clothing torn and ash around his body, which they weren’t his but the magic, zuigetsu with his counterattack was thrown back, but soon he recovered and started running towards the man.

" - Come on! Attack again! -…"

Zuigetsu after saying that and the smoke dispersing, he just saw the man passed out on the ground at the end of the street, with blood running down his body, part of the clothes torn and ash all over his body, zuigetsu was just rethinking his action and decides to help the guy man, coming at him with a very serious look.

" - Damn… I don’t think I should have done that…"

The mantle showed the man to be someone blond with hair down to his neck, along with warm clothes, gloves and combat boots, the brown mantle which was torn and the two daggers, which were thrown a little way away from the man, zuigetsu o trying to wake up, grabbing him and screaming in his face.

" - HEY WAKE UP! "

After a while shaking him, the boy started to open his eyes slowly, realizing that zuigetsu was not on top of him, he in reaction gave a little push, just to move away, while taking a small leap backwards, grabbing his daggers and getting into defensive position, stretching his arm to the front of his head while holding the dagger, aimed at zuigetsu, with an angry look.

" - You bastard… who are you who decided to disturb me?.." Said the boy to zuigetsu, with a very serious voice.

Zuigetsu would enter a fighting pose, but this time opening his hands…

" - You mustn’t know who I am… you don’t know what I just went through…" Answered zuigetsu, with a voice of sadness and with a low gaze.

Morgan just lowered his arm, shifting into a push position.

" - Do you really think I care about your life? Sucker…" Said the boy, with a look from murder to zuigetsu and with a very cold voice.

After that, morgan gave a high-speed boost, catching zuigetsu by surprise, but not preventing zuigetsu from attacking, while the boy was getting close to zuigetsu, he noticed zuigetsu doing a punching pose, putting his arm back and his fists forward, as he started to gather something in his hands that made it glow a little, in a matter of seconds, when morgan was going to attack zuigetsu with a fatal attack, zuigetsu would punch his stomach, dispersing all the explosion that was gathered in those fists, making him spit blood and hurling him into houses, breaking walls and windows.

" - Explosive Fist!! "

The boy fell into the wreckage of the walls and windows, spitting blood as he slowly rose to his feet, grabbing his daggers, looking like he still wanted to keep fighting.

" - Do you still want to fight?! " Shouted zuigetsu to the boy.

The boy just stood up, blood pouring from his face and his stomach a little crushed.

" - You’re…really- Blurgh!! … strong…" As the boy said that, he was spitting blood, but still continuing his speech, approaching zuigetsu in a defensive pose.

" - Boy! STOP!" Zuigetsu entered combat poses again, prepared to open a magic circle.

" - I won’t… I’ll lose to cretins… like you - Blurgh…" The boy said that as he lost the strength to walk, starting to walk more slowly and releasing one of his daggers.

Zuigetsu after seeing this, he was left with a sad face, coming out of his combat pose and looking at the boy.

" - … " The boy no longer had the strength to walk or move, he dropped his dagger and fell to the ground, seeming to have fainted, again.

Zuigetsu wouldn’t let the boy fall, picking him up and taking him away from that village, taking his daggers and putting them in his pocket, heading to a nearby hill.

" - This boy, is totally brave in wanting to face me… but why is that?! " Zuigetsu kept wondering in his head about it, as he took the boy to that hill.

Arriving on the hill, he left him leaning against a tree, and began to clean the blood from his body using his robe and closing some wounds with the pieces of the robe that were torn.

After a few hours, it was already beginning to dawn as the boy started to open his eyes, seeing zuigetsu sitting watching the sun rise. The boy would get up, and look at zuigetsu for a few seconds, walking slowly and sitting beside him, with a serious look and just watching the sun come up.

" - Ah! You woke up! Hey man… sorry for attacking you like that… it’s just that horrible things happened recently and I’m so angry about it… that’s why I attacked you at this level, I’m sorry…" He said zuigetsu when he saw the boy coming to sit on his side, with a low gaze and a cold voice.

" - Hunf… honestly I don’t even know how to answer that. " The boy replied, just looking forward.

" - … What’s your name?" Zuigetsu asked the boy this, turning his face towards him.

The boy was just silent for a few seconds, still looking serious, watching the sun rise.

" - Morgan, water. "

" - Morgan? Ah, my name is Zuigetsu Calding! " Answered zuigetsu, a little cheerful.

" - Cool." Morgan replied, seeming not to have cared that much.

" - Come on man! Even if you’re like this… raise your head! Let’s talk!" Said zuigetsu.

" - Honestly, I don’t even know why you appeared in this village so suddenly, it was much better that you didn’t interfere in what I was doing…" replied Morgan, with her head a little down.

" - But… why did you decide to do this with the village?"

" - Just survival, that’s what we have to live nowadays, if it’s not living normally, it’s stealing or killing. " Reply morgan, with an extremely cold tone.

Everything was in a disturbing silence for a few seconds.

" - … What is all this for? … " Said zuigetsu, half in shock. "

" - I just want to leave my uncles alive and healthy, that’s stealing, or even killing… and still wanting to aim to kill a certain person. That’s all. "

" - Morgan… are you a murderer?.." Answered zuigetsu.

" - … I am considered more like a thief… but it seems that at times I am a murderer."

" - Ok, I got it… "

After a few seconds, zuigetsu started telling Morgan what had happened to her life recently, causing Morgan to lift her head and for the first time in the conversation to look at him.

" - … I can’t believe you’re the son of a wizard king, a legendary wizard… and this legend of artifacts is real then? Damn it… sorry for your loss." Morgan said after zuigetsu spoke what had happened.

" - Incredibly and crap as it may seem, these are real. " Answered zuigetsu, in a serious and cold tone.

Morgan and zuigetsu are talking for hours and hours about completely random subjects, and about life goals, until a moment when the two agree to be partners and help each other with their goals. In the middle of the conversation, it was already noon.

" - So morgan… partners?" Said zuigetsu.

" - Hunf, partners. " Answered morgan, opening a small smile looking at him.

After that, the two leave that region… going somewhere else.

Thanks for all reading this far! I hope you really enjoyed it! I spent a few hours even writing this episode and it was even longer than expected… that’s it, see you next time!



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