Arcanium arcsphere can i bind?

Can i bind arcanium arcsphere to my magic and how?

Its automaticly assigned to magics you currently have

I traded it

Its just arcanium arcsphere, i traded it, and can i bind it?

When you get arcsphere from drop, its binded to one of your magics, or none if you dont have one. They work like rams and cannons

Alr ty

if it has no magic you can bind it to your magic by upgrading or enchanting it

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oh thanks so much

wait fr? It updates???

Ye bro

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does it updates when you have different magic?

I have explosion ash, and i get lighting throught trading, and when i upgrade it, does it update?

Idk this, i think no, no logic there

So, no ig

havent tried but im pretty sure its only if its blank

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Dunno about arcspheres but my metal cannon didnt change into my magic after enchanting it but blank cannons changed into my magic when I enchanted them, Im assuming it only works to all arcanium items as long as it’s blank


where do u find blank arcanium cannons/rams from? non magic users?

Yeah, non magic users