Are heavy mages still viable?

Faster mages are really good bc their blast travel fast. But heavy mages have to be quite close for their blast to hit. Are heavy mages still playable in pvp?

beams, comboed with maybe a bleed-buffed magic.
like metal and poison.
metal so u can get ur own cannons


Not really. In hindsight, yeah, they are still pretty strong, but when you think about it, now they take an insane amount of skill to use effectively like in WoM.

Metal mages rely on beam now, since pulsar and ult art has been gutted. Most likely, a double beam, which makes it even more easy to punishable. A skilled player can easily beat a heavy mage that’s still stuck in pre 1.12.

use placed explosions

You need to make up for the lack of speed with an attack speed stat, so Carina/Cernyx’s set is your go-to instead of calvus’ gear

I thought a really great metal-magma mage
(as sailor-ice warlock)
I am not good at pvp, but he metal the most, using beams with large AOE (cause he used sunken) and did great amounts of damage with his ultimate explosion.
He used the magma for placed explosions to both the magma damage.
The ability to punish as a heavy mage is still great, but the loss of pulser as an OP spell, does make them very skill based now.

As a heavy mage you usually have to get closer and use the blast spell so your aiming needs to be good (only needs to be decent if your close enough though.)

And plus it’s a mage it’s obviously viable.

Go ham on placed explosions if you want too, they block vision due to their stupid debris (Earth) or their large attacks (Metal)

The question is then if a skilled player can make metal mage viable after 1.12 nerf

oh they can, I’ve faught metal magma mages, they sure don’t use pulsar that much anymore, but they are still strong, and one of the most punishing builds to fight against (800+ damage from an ultimate explosion unblocked)

probably, im experienced in magma mage (my beam aim is ok i think and i can actually use 60% size shockwave placed explosions well)