Are you ready for AO? 🧐

For two of my files, I’m going to restart completely fresh, while I’m still going to continue on my main file as I’ve already spent loads of valuable time with that file. I’ve gotten all the relevant and irrelevant items that I need for the update and I can honestly say I’m fully prepared for what’s to come. I’ve also been getting boss drops for whatever the compensation is going to be, but also to practice my fighting skills since I’m a bit rusty. Is anyone else prepared/getting prepared for AO?


I’m casually grinding boss drops and buying out any amulets or armor. While I have been playing AR for a while, I don’t really think it would help with my PVP skills since I believe AO is too different atm combat wise

I’m ready to become a lore, faction and storyline enthusiast again. I can’t wait.

I’ve tried to get an optimal armor set for each of my files so when the reset comes, they’re ready. other than that not really, because the combat will be really fast paced and i probably won’t be able to keep up.

Yeah, on my main file i’ve basically gotten everything I’ve wanted to get for AO; a few sunkens, some good meta sets, and a couple boss drops. I don’t really care about any of my other files since I’m not 100% sure what I wanna do with them yet, but I can just trade items from my main to an alt and back to another file. I haven’t bothered practicing combat much, but I hop on occasionally to test my reaction time for perfect blocking against bosses and KDS. I’ve also just been fishing for miscellaneous items to sell or auction for money once AO comes out.

my main file has always been ready, it’s got a fuckton of random shit and a headless, I’m ready

i’ve got every part of my build sorted out such as awakenings, magics, and stats and stuff

I’ve got over 50k in fishing rods alone (solely for selling), hundreds of amulets, dozens upon dozens of wizard sets, over 100 boss drops (still farming), and a handful of sunkens.

My PvP style has been with AO in mind. Agile-ish, using weapons only, getting used to pblocking anything that I can’t avoid.

and I still feel like I’ve barely prepared lol

90% of people here would kill a man for AO tester. We are very ready.
but not really

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There aren’t many games to play to actually practice AO PVP.
Some may suggest AR and AL. Both of those games are nothing like AO(way less fast paced and not warrior or fighting style friendly)

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I stick with WoM since it has pretty much the same exact aiming mechanics. Why would I want to play basically a completely different game when I can play the v1.4 version of the game?

Not really.
I mean, its similar, but WOM is missing:
Fast paced PVP(be honest, it aint fast)
DASHING(dashing changes everything in a PVP fight)

Honestly though, if it just had DASHING… WOM would have genuinely good PVP in my opinion.
Weapons would actually be more viable too(dash+great spin)

So yes, it’s similar(you can PB train in WOM)
but not really. I doubt you could truly get good at PVP for AO by playing WOM. You’ll definitely get better aim though.

So wait, are you doing fighting styles or weapons? Cause I could I’ve sworn I saw you saying you’d go fists regardless of what happens

I think I heard him say he’ll go warlock?


fighting styles can be absolute dookie and I’d still use em

AR/L won’t exactly help me either.

WoM is the best we got.

I genuinely don’t know if I should go magic or fighting styles at this point

magic sounds super cool and fun

but fighting styles look really fun

yes and no, i don’t have the required amount of alts up and ready for 2-3 files of every build path but i got my tihngs planned out ftmp on my current and future later files.

items were never an issue and i’m only missing ss out of the sunken gear so it’s really grinding and playing whats new from AO

got bored/ disinterested of DW (which i was realistically playing cause i was waiting for ao tbh) so now im playing steam games (risk of rain 2 as of right and i played only an hour of it and i like it so far) till AO comes out or dw gives me the build creating ich tho i think ror2 will be enough