Ass or Pass: Aviation

What’s up guys? Onyx here again for the 4th installment of Ass or Pass! Today, I review. This one is a little late and I apologize lol I was just playing with some friends.

Just incase you aren’t familiar with the series, I review AO/WoM guilds and determine if they are Ass or if they Pass on three different points: Guild Leadership, PvP, and Community. Lets get into it.

So, Aviation was made not too long ago and is a rookie guild lead by @Level or ImminentDefeat. It is technically a Fleet v3 but also has some aspects that are unique to it. For example, Fleet and Armada were notorious for being Helios’s greatest rival, meanwhile Aviation is a Helios ally of all things. Even though I don’t agree with some things Level has done with Avi, I do think it is the true successor to Armada.

Guild Leadership

Well, Level is a nice guy. I really don’t know if he is a good leader or not. His skills in PvP are very evident making him one of the top 10 in the game. So Level isn’t just “decent”. Out of all honesty, he hasn’t seemed to particularly fail in his leadership skills so I would say that he gets a Pass.


Is Aviation good at PvP? Yes, yes they are. Like I said, Level already carries the guild in being one of the top 10, and there are some other members in Avi that seem to be close on Level’s tail. It is not a debate on whether that is another thing that Avi inherited from its predecessors, and, like Armada, evolved. I would say Avi’s PvP gets a Pass.


As you already seen, Avi has passed in two areas already. I don’t really want to add much more as I am tired of writing and wanna play Rogue tbh. However, I must say, Avi does not have a good community. Not that the community is particularly toxic or anything, it is just that the community is a little… dead. A dead community isn’t a community whatsoever. Therefore, I regret to say, Aviation’s Community gets an Ass.

In conclusion, Aviation as a guild gets a Pass So there you have it folks, do you agree? Do you disagree? Reply with your opinion. Also, make sure to heart the post so more people can see it. Remember, if you want your guild to get reviewed, put its name in the replies and whichever guild gets the most replies is up next! Stay safe, stay strong, and stay cool. Onyx out.

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They’re called aviation because they aviated up to that Pass level

ass or pass for cooking association


Roselight now. I wanna see how they do.

I have friend in roselight.

In all honesty, they’re chill and active and will probably pass. :epic:

pvp - ass
community - ass (dead)
leadership - i dont know much about their leaders but they have 3 leaders so surely one of them would be decent so pass ig
in conclusion ass

roselight has like barely any messages how is it active lmao
it used to be active but it isn’t anymore

Huh, I’ve seen them active recently. I’m not sure.

You went straight to the point g


Wasted no time…

damn onyx you never miss

do suncry now


leadership ik level is a good person atleast that’s what I see em at he helps in fights but that’s pretty much it for leadership

Community I can definently say Aviations community is the best at finding guild servers which allows them to rack up infamy quickly and effiently

PvP also good pretty self explainatory

Level carrying fr.

level not carrying smh :mad:

Imagine you being level carried :nod:

There are 4 leaders LMAO


My Prediction of Onyx’s review -

leadership - pass

pvp - ok rose please no harass but having 3 decent PvPers who no lifed infamy doesn’t make the entirety of your guild good

community - pass

ok wait if dead community’s are considered ass then roselight would get an easy ass

she’d probably agree lol.