Assassin with fame

how did i do t his

I’d imagine you could replicate this using different saves and the agora’s reputation.

  1. Do a bunch of good deeds to hopefully get mentioned in the Agora, like sinking ships, or finishing a legendary treasure chart. (This is on your positive rep save)

  2. Return to title, change over to your assassin save with no fame, join the same server again

  3. Pray and hope the paper mentions you and gives you a positive rep on your assassin save.

Can anyone test this and see if it actually works?

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I kinda imagine the renown didn’t update yet, because iirc you instantly get booted once you get fame as an Assassin and bounty as a Navy

I had 10k rep before i just joined assassin and kept it

it’s a glitch, sometimes i can do it


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