Attention Span

Peoples attention spans are absolutely atrocious nowadays. I pride myself on not using tik-tok, and everytime I click on shorts for too long I force myself to get off, but even then I’m not able to completely avoid the damage. Taking advantage of and further destroying peoples attention spans for monetary value and views is disgusting in my opinion, but I’d like to hear everyone else’s thoughts.


i agree

OH! look, a bird!


im not reading all of that i have to go back to watching youtube shorts


Sir you just got an immediate like from me
I hate tik tok with a PASSION!

It’s a breeding ground for misinformation, I’ve seen so many people fall for roblox scams on tik tok because they weren’t paying attention, one was literally giving somebody your email iirc. I hate that stupid app and anybody who hasn’t used it hasn’t seen what it’s like to be poisoned by the internet.


TikTok is ruining society. You can see it the most when you look at the younger people. (Around age 12) most of them spend so much time on that stupid app. And the worst is when they start basing their entire personality around shit they see on there. I never had TikTok and I’m proud of that decision.

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I 100% agree. I’m sad this is what young children are and will be growing up with nowadays. It’s misleading


hence why the only social media I use is discord and the forums.

Additionally I also like to avoid youtube shorts. And I find myself reading quite a bit or playing a single game for an extended period. (My attention doesn’t wane much when playing a game)

Back in my day we used to shoot down hordes of the undead using nothin’ but weapons of agriculture and harvest. It was amazing!



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Ah yes nostalgia

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sonny, the charade’s fun u til you realize the sequel is run by pirates! I lost ten cents to that game because I thought ‘cold snapdragon’ was free!

Same here

I absolutely hate when people do this. Like OoOooH mY enTirE PerSonAlIty is An uNfuNNy memE

I hate tiktok. I hate the people who turn their personality to it. I call it tiktok brainrot

music doesn’t help even when people say it does

Based off of this I would guess you stay in relatively few servers

I’m in 12 servers. My school D&D discord server, multiple guild servers, Draconia discord (don’t check), vetcord (rarely check), Tobi’s server (occasionally check), and the odyssey feed (occasionally check).