Auctioning a clean sunken sword (because someone in-game told me so)

auctioning a clean sunken sword (very epic yes)

uhhh… put offers below (auction ends when topic closes)

minimum: 1 sunken armor (to prevent bad offers i guess)

may pull down the auction if the best offer still sucks lol (thought: aren’t auctions just worse versions of: “I am trading this send me offers” ?)

1 nimble sunken helmet

I am offering Clean Sunken Helmet, Strong Oathkeeper and Strong Vastira for it.

@xCoolGamingx123 is in the lead :poggers2:

I am very honoured, Your Majesty King of the Moyai :moyai:

yeah but your offer is still on the side of underpay lmao

Clean Sunken Helmet, Strong Oathkeeper, Strong Vastira, Swift Vastira and Clean Exiled Set.

u know I’d prefer at least 2 sunkens

Strong sunken boots and clean sunken helm


flashback buys a swift sunken sword for 2 sunken armor + some boss drops

I seriously regret calling this an auction now lmao

could’ve just called it “trading clean sunken sword DM offers”

and I would have no pressure on accepting offers :frcryin:

1 Clean Sunken Helmet, 1 nimble sunken helm, 1 clean vastira, 1 strong oathkeeper, and 1 minotaur boots

Abbstruct is in the lead yes

I’ll add 2 clean oathkeepers to my offer

i still think i am in the lead?? cause of strong oath idk maybe

I already have a lot of clean oaths myself, so yeah

( I dislike enchant gambling ;-; )

I’ll offer 2 woj instead of the oaths

I treat them slightly less worth than oaths

1 heavy woj

Max lvl swift sunken sword + both strong boss weapons+ sturdy woj