Auctioning Strong Vastira and Hard SS

Auctioning both items separately, I’ll edit the post with the best offer.

SV Offer: N/A

SS Offer: N/A

Special Offer: I’ll automatically trade both items away for a lump sum of 100k fish bait.
No body? :frowning_face:

Discord ID: Sleepy💤#0001

I don’t think anyone would be willing to trade 100k fishbait… let alone even have that much

and there’s also the fact that you have to input 100k fishbait in the trade manually. painful.

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Autoclick for 100k times.
about 16 and a half minutes with 10ms delay per click, or around 8-9 minutes with 5ms delay if roblox registers the clicks that fast.

Also people who do have tens of thousands of bait, most likely will never use the bait for anything. If not to fish once in a while. And basically none of the population of the game care for bait for trading so, this gives them an out if they want to put their bait to some use.

its 100k bait tho…
not something somewhat reasonable like 15k (which is already A LOT)

do you think I would spend 30 minutes afking on an autoclicker for 100k fishbait; let alone obtain them?

Hey! I can offer swift oath and Exiled armor and sturdy WoJ

for what

15k bait is literally nothing. If I wanted only 15k bait, I’d just farm it myself. 2.6k crowns per alt with codes and then just buy 2k bait every time. Not hard to do.

Guaranteeing a sunken sword though, 8k bait required on average, and 10s of hours fishing.

What drama said.
For what?

Some people find tasks easier than others. Some people might find killing bosses painful or fishing for 10s of hours painful. And other people might find buying fish bait to be rather simple in comparison.

you do know that bait costs 3 crowns each right? 2.6k crowns = 866 fish bait every minute
15000: 866= 17 minutes of time if each 2.6k you get in 1 minute (could be slower or faster depending on the pc and how fast you can type codes etc). Tho this process is mindnumbingly boring so nobody does it.
Edit: tbh trading for fishbait in the current market is just stupid. Dont do it at all. Especially if youre already saying that it doesnt take that much time. Then do it yourself lmao

nobody likes autoclicking for 30 minutes, and its actually probably more than 30 minutes since the more you click the laggier the game becomes.

no one would be bothered to do that special offer. it’s not worth the torture of obtaining and trading 100k fishbait

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then trade with an SS then


he’s asking for 100k fishbait for both of the items on the title. you feel its worth?

ok? what exactly does it prove? that some people have too much time to spare/are too bored?
the process of crown coding, buying all the fishbait , repeating that process till 100k fishbait and then autoclicking it all is mindnumbingly boring.

no offense to meta but thats all it really proves

idk about you but I’d rather spend 30 minutes autoclicking fish bait than have to potentially spend 10+ hours fishing for a sunken lol

its far closer to 2 hours autoclicking
cuz the game lags the more you click it. Im already experiencing lag at 4k arrows with a decent pc. Imagine 100k fishbait :hollow:

anyways. Fishing would still be MUCH MUCH MUCH more fun. So yes id rather fish 10 hours for a sunken than use like 2 and a half hours of my day (total of autoclicking + buying/crown coding) for something amazingly boring.

and theres always the alternative of ripping off a noob trader :shrug:

On average it’s been like 80-100 hours per sunken sword for me. Pepe sad2