Auto emoji = annoying

I know this has been talked about in the past but it’s really annoying and I wanna bring it up. So auto emoji is when you put a colon : and then a letter, after that emojis come up… tbh its really annoying when I wanna do the classic emoticons like:

: ) : D : ( ← (one i’m feeling rn)

Even though I can use the invisible space thing :/ It still gets annoying from time to time
Please let there be an option to turn this off!

-Thanks, Ashchemist


i think ur just too lazy to do the invis text thing

i forgot auto emoji was a thing in the first place

not gonna lie i am kinda offended



Fun fact: you can see the invis text people use by going to the URL and replacing t/topic-name with raw.

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wait a second…

: D

or just press quote whole post



So all my secret messages I thought only mods could see can be seen

Can I do it on mobile?