Awkward Moment Just Happened

I was riding my bike and I was on my phone when this random 9 year old girl said that her older sister liked me. I looked at her sister and she was in the distance throwing rocks at birds and yelling at them. I would assume that her sister would be around 12. I had to awkwardly smile and ride my bike away. I have never met these people in my life…


This would sound like a ghost story if you worded it differently or said something like “I saw them on a missing poster the next day, they’d been missing for years ”


Situations like this are why I prefer to be a chad forumer and avoid going outside.

Can’t encounter an awkward situation outside if you never go out in the first place : )


is this the entire thing? no context?

Wait I go outside more often than anyone else.
Where are my woman?

oh right I live in the Midlands