Bad Forum Trend Compilation

Remember when I did that hehe compilation? Yeah Ima go ahead and make a compilation about tierlists and the “person above you” trends. Why? Idk I’m bored. I’ll post it here in a bit I guess idk.


the “devlog” trend smh my head so cringe

The person above you trend made me laugh so hard

It was good at first but then it became a meme :fr:

more so that it got oversaturated

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Always has been.

The og one. “Flirt with the person above you.”

I took part in that one a bit too much

that one is golden, c’mooonnn

ofc, that was the best one :nod:

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how to be humble step 1

dont flirt ez…?

Don’t talk to the person above you challenge.


I fail

the lack of conversation

my only weakness

You fail

you fail

but you failed too because you just TALKED TO ME!

I’ll put this here for blocking

I was talking to Rosie dum

Ye now that Im doing this, I realize this is going to take forever bcs I have to get all the screenshots and put all of them in order… WELP, see you in like 3 hours

rosie more like trash