Bad magic

Wich is the lamest/worst (in general) magic currently in WoM.

currently? crystal by far



I don’t know, but I like the cat video.

Aren’t they balanced? Like some have perks and such making them superior to others but really it’s all balanced.

yeah but crystal in particular sucks,
it doesn’t really have any useful interactions, bad speed relative to damage, etc
its fixed in the revamp but crystal sucks rn

yes very good

also u must give little credit to crystal looks kinda cool the explosions

thats basically it

wood looks lamer so crystal better

unless u minecraft fan

wood looks cooler and has really good interactions, hence why wood is better than crystal as of now

well rn yes

but bc of new crystal interaction and buffs i think it gonna get better

I guess wood is directly related to Minecraft now. Nothing else… who would’ve thought of trees, smh.

I guess paper since it’s kind of generic? Wood as well? IDK, they aren’t nessasarily bad like ice or light, but they aren’t memorable.

What? Paper is hilarious! If I were to use paper in the game I would totally have all my attacks called Paper Cut. And why do people seem to underestimate light? Blinding is pretty deadly. And just wait until intensity comes out with the rest of AO. And ice is just plain fabulous. …Well the most boring magic for me would probably be wood. idk though I’ve only used a few magics in wom. lightning, light, fire, venom, ice (I may have used more magic then this in wom but maybe not).

lamest is snow.

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