Bandits are good people... sometimes

This is what I like to see from the bandits. Just people who aren’t as well off as others.


now i feel bad for slaughtering them

self defense doesn’t care for your lack of parents


mental illnesses doesn’t care for your reputation


Bandit: Tells depressing backstory

Hero: You know, I think I like this guy

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yeah i don’t care about that tragic backstory, i’m still gonna kill you in self defense.

Tragic backstories are cool, but I’m still going to slaughter you in hopes of someone better spawning in your place.

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Negative rep gang gang gang

He’s not necessarily a good guy, he might just be less of a bad guy.

I still need to destroy that outpost though, so I’m sorry.

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 8.25.59 pm

the police cares not for you


*enters state of crippling sadness

cry louder

Bet… *crying intensifies

damn i feel bad for slaughtering so many bandits now

i mean they attacked me first and i didn’t want to get chased halfway around the map ;-;

bandits are bandits

This is why I’m a bad rep (Too bad I’m really bored and kill everything on my path. Let’s not talk about that, shall we?).

We need a revolution! Stop non-magic user abuse today!

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just because they have a sad backstory doesn’t mean they haven’t done horrible crimes

for all we know, that leonard guy enjoys stabbing people in their sleep and stealing all their worldly possessions,
that kid is level 38, he is by no means a good person

They’re doing those horrible crimes to survive, I still feel bad for them.

Assuming he committed murder or something that seriously physically harms someone, I’m doubtful those were to survive.