Bard Class

Bard Class
effort 2.0 2 quality 2.0 2 reasonability 2.333333333333333 3

This class is going to be the best thing in game if it gets added because who doesn’t want a man with an instrument running around the battle field.

This class would be a support class because the bard would play music and help out the party, this would help the game because then people might target the bard class in combat. Think of this class as a musician with magical powers. Now this is like rogue lineage but to be honest the bard class was the favorite. Its a fun support class that can start parties so why not add it?

…but classes depend on your stats

Oh boy, when I see a bard with blue (cold) wind variation, I’m going to constantly bother them with ‘‘wouldn’t gliding be faster?’’ if this happens


also being able to play music like the banjo in AA but with something else is just nice

The trello kinda says professions aren’t supposed to affect PVP.

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This isn’t Rogue Lineage tho… In another world yes. I would like to run around with a musical instrument. I don’t have money for rouge.

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Charging into a guild war while swinging a violin would be epic

Fuck it
I need this.

Make sure to ask if he is a boy if it is a female one