Baron surplus

In the future will certain high lord’s have more than one baron assigned to them. I thought this might be the case because in the order menu you can see more barons than high lords

Yeah each high lord has two barons under them. Assumably the second baron under Calvus is going to be out for revenge

Oh will that be the next part of the story

Who is the other baron going to br

Hopefully not Julian because idk about you but the poor berserkers and juggernauts with basic combat have no chance lmao

maybe it’s that bronze hound guy?

Well they will have aura by that point

Yeah that would make sense I’d also like that since he’s been introduced in the past

“he’s right behind me, isn’t he?”

I don’t think it’s him, because he mentions that his children Ellius and Carina are missing, even if you have the merciful attribute. Two things

  1. Even a high-ranking order member wouldn’t kill their own children for failing a mission. He seems genuinely concerned by their disappearance
  2. If he was an order member he wouldn’t say anything about other Order members, they seem like a very secretive organisation.

Yeah but who else could it be. It can’t be prince revon because he seems oblivious to the order and he is weak ash.

prince revon glow up? :flushed:

Three words:

It couldn’t be Shura because Shura has no affiliation with ravenna

Who said the baron had to have anything to do with Ravenna