Basically, fun in school

In my town today fell first snow. And of course, a lot of people went for snowball game while break. I stayed in class. Then, some idiots were shooting with snowballs to windows! Since teacher didn’t came for a long time my classmates decided to open window. Well some people that threw snowballs just hit the windows and snowball flew through opened window! It made the ground wet also.
Basically, just a school. Good times…

how tf do you have snow already give me some

reminder that rake lives in canada

I will put your balls stuck in an industrial woodchipper

reminder that i live in britain

Loser, I’ve had snow weeks ago and I live close to Canada. Now cry with your maple syrup tears

You guys have snow? (I’ve never seen it)

The fuck is snow???

what country are you in?

The fuck is snow???

Well, my country doesn’t have snow, but I been to Japan so many fucking times now and i have seen snow quite a lot now so :shrug:

Like Misinput, Mako and several others, I live in Australia

Yikes no snow gang.

you guys have snow?

is snow like white powder from the breakng bad

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can i pls have snow? never had (had artificial, not natural)


Rain destroyed snow, sadly

dog who hurt you

nah I get snow.