BBII:S (Current)

BBII:S (Current)
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Hey, would you be willing to trade one of your poison tooth daggers for a pulsar?

Sorry, I don’t have a lot of those and poison tooth daggers have seen an uptick in value in my perspective so I’m not particularly trading them currently.

i like to think i have something to do with that (i dont)

I’m not entirely sure on that, you could try to trade multiple higher value rare items such as Calvus items, poison daggers, strong scrolls, or arcspheres (not saying they’re all worth the same or these constitute all the higher value non-seasonal items, since among those 4, there’s pretty evident disparities in their values) for a seasonal and use those to trade for a sunken, but honestly unless you have so many seasonals that them suddenly being made untradeable or having the event repeat would nuke a majority of your inventory value, I’d just hold onto seasonals.

Something else I’ve seen is people occasionally selling seasonals from 35-50k galleons, but that’s rare enough that I wouldn’t really consider trading for seasonals that way to be a very time-efficient strategy.

I should disclose that I very, very rarely trade for seasonals (the main exception being July 4ths, which I traded for since I have comparatively much less of those compared to my Halloweens) since I’ve been making a slow effort to trade them away in an effort to diversify my inventory with sunkens and boss items as protection against my inventory crashing to next to nothing if seasonals were suddenly made untradeable, so I’m generally not as experienced when it comes to trading for seasonals in the current AO economy.

I’ll give you a clean Sunken Helmet for 3 coloured Bat Headbands (1 white, 1 pink, and 1 red).

Sorry, I’ll have to decline.

I’m looking to sell my sunken armor stuff for seasonals. I have 1 sunken set and 1 sunken chest. Can you offer halloween seasonals for em?

Sorry for the late response, been too busy for AO stuff the last 2 weeks or so. For the sunken armor set (excluding the sword) + the additional chest, the best I can do is 1 dark omen mask (brown), 1 death crown, 2 mini cauldrons (orange and beige), 1 bat wing headband (orange), and a Hallowed II (pink).

I’m willing to take that.

No prob that you don’t no-life the forums like me.

Can u hop on 4:20-ish pm PST tmmrw? I’ll DM u when I’m on.

Shouldn’t be an issue, yeah.

Alr, cya then.

OH SHOOT. Sorry, I did not see this earlier. I thought the trade was just for the sunken set. I can’t do this trade. Apologies for the inconvienience.