*Begins to laugh maniacally*

@wmdrayal I found you. I’m watching you. :slight_smile:

All your art is mine now.
I’ve found where you hide it. I will see when you make more.

wait. do you post it all on the forums?

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at least it isn’t me who’s being stalked :smiley:

except for the guro and more nsfw ones, yeah

nsfw? I didn’t see any of that.

can you send me them for experimental purposes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

just look up his user on deviantart


ah that

yeah i dont use that anymore lol, my pinned thread here probably have more arts in it if you want to stalk me


oh. well then.

are you E-girl on discord


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Bros gonna do fire’s commission being “Can you make her have a better belly”, when I hear that I think he was commissioning you do “Can you make her pregnant” :skull:

No but I am /j

i use my skill to serve myself and people i like/love ( you <3 ), no one cant force me to do what they want

unless they slap me with a stack of money

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fire is coming with the 10$
be prepared at all costs

you just said 10$ though.


anyways the good ending :pray:

wmdrayal DRAWS PORN???