Best magic for weapon only build?

thinking of making a slot to go full zoro swords weapons only but unsure about which magic is the definite best for a weapon main

rn i’m thinking either magma or wind but i’d appreciate any advice on this

Are you going purely normal weaponry or are you planning to use magic weapons at some point?

Bruh weapon main usually implies that you won’t be using your magic so why the heck are you asking. However if you really are then I’d go with a magic that’s fast and has a good status effect, either something that has long bleed(so you win long battles) or something blinding to immobilize your enemy(probably not recommended because blinding effects don’t last very long unless applied constantly).

I asked because he was asking what magic he should use for his weapon only file? I know what a weapon main is.


@mars i think wind is good but are you ONLY going to be using weapons or is it going to be a combination of weapons’ and magic. I know one person who is a weapon ONLY main and has ZERO spells used. And i also know someone who has a strength build but uses magic to space opponents and keep them in combat but uses weapons to damage.

@Maskiert magic weapons are going to be a thing in the furture of the game and will combine magic and a weapon. Thus the term “magic weapon”

Deus vult!

Deus vult!

purely weapons is what i’m going for

Oh alright, I mean you can just go with what you wanted before since it isn’t like you’ll be using magic at all

!tluv sueD

better choose a magic that synergizes the most with bleed

decided on magma, the orange juice magic

ice is also good for bleed synergy

esplosion maybe?

For defense, go wind; it gets rid of many status effects. For a more offensive magic go poison, it the highest base damage in the game along with linear scaling damage cloud.

id say choose something that deals more dmg when the target is bleeding since if youre gonna use a strength build/weapons then youre most likely gonna make the enemy bleed


Are you sure?

For truly 0 spells used, go magma to clear the most status effects, either that or water if you want to remove heat status effects.

Magma is prob best choice true