[BFDF] Black Fin Forces of Defense Recruitment

Guild Name: [BFDF] Black Fin Forces of Defense
Guild Status: Neutral Alignment
Guild Owner: Jaz_D3mon

We are the Black Fin Forces of Defense, fighting in the forces which guard our faction and our way of life; for freedom and honor, responsible for our actions, and dedicated to the principles which make up our faction.

Who are we? The BFDF is a military based faction in WoM.
What do we do? A lot of the BFDF’s activities will include Trainings, Patrols, Missions, and etc; we aim to help our members as much as we can not only in skill, but in gearing them and helping them learn the ropes of the game if they are new.
What are our requirements? We have no requirements.


Discord Server: https://discord.gg/PQBmygyhZe
Roblox Group: https://web.roblox.com/groups/7286144/Black-Fin-Forces-of-Defense#!/about

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