Blast size for a very bad aim player

currently, i deal around 227 dmg when putting my blast size at 20 and 183 at 100
a lot of people recommend put it at the lowest but my hit/miss ratio is literally 1 hit every 5 miss due how bad I am at aiming so I just want to know should I put it at the highest or lowest
yes I know I have skill issue

put it at 90%, my aim aint that good, but I still hit shots and some extra damage only hurt other people and not me

If you’d like to correct aim put it at 70%(it’s painful) but it helps.

i’d say just go 100%, it’s more important to hit more shots then having them do a bit more damage

I recommend keeping 1 at 100% and another keybind for a single 20% blast


Just do what cold winier said, if your magic is 1.15 or over, put 90%, 1.25 or over just leave it at 100% unless you lose clash, then put it at 80%

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