Bluemin Sword weapon shed [Arts, 3D model, etc]

Most forum user here when they discover I’m a brony and a furry at the same time

reality has collapsed and the perception of the universe ruined

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oh my god! a furry! who could have known that there would be people from popular internet cultures such as furries on this public forum

you have talent for 3D and art, keep it up :+1:

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gud draw

Why do I always come and then disappear? well anyway here is my recent fanwork for something beyond just a clicker game


Oh wait I actually played that game too! Alter ego I think was the name.
Very interesting game for a mobile game I really liked it lol.

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Yeah! it was the name.
and yea, it’s very interesting

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Flat design of my Deepwoken Vesperian

Pfp version.

Some flat style design I made before I made the Deepwoken one

this serves more as experimentation, but they do come out decent