BNT's Hell Thread ft. doodles and terrible posts

elephant fren

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frendo elephantis

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scp bro!!!

made a design for god of time in my setting

also i made a trello to compile the info about this setting i’ve been building for fun



oc for robobitchland

mf aster


hey i was banned there
they will never forget my dumbass vastus ocs yeahhhhhh
that raid i did was still funny af lmao

idk i joined after that event

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yeah lmao
i created the drug rule
i was pretty much the most active person but (in my opinion) they couldnt handle many jokes so i mocked em in my friend group then i was like ‘‘yo you wanna raid’’ then we did
then i came back and mocked retri’s reaction (which was still funny af to me) then i got banned
bro i was begging for a ban smh

and now i rp with chron (hes in robo) since hes my friend n stuff
its very fun to rp with him
i was considering inviting people from robo ngl but then again
they all despise me (especially retri lol)

my son!

your what
gosh, everybody is growing up so fast

cringe and unbased

all you did was ping everyone like 10 times and thats it.

Your MAd Cuz I Banned Drugs -_________- CUz U Wante To Simulate Ur Irl (Drug Addict)

everybody still called it a raid so yeah
retri freaked out over it tho ngl which was funny still

yeah well i havent even heard anyone mention it ever since like 2 days after it happened

the only thing that the raid resulting in was just me being banned tbh
i think i was one of the most active people but other then that
yeah nothing important
i was a pretty shit rper anyways
and now i can focus back on my friend group’s rps (which are way better imo, more organized yadada)

lmao you seem to be compensating with that “not”-flex but pop off if it makes you feel better ig


im a dumbass so explain what you mean