BNT's Hell Thread ft. doodles, stuff, and terrible posts

Awww the little scar :sneezing_face:

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ight dont mind if i just post some oc (you guys don’t even know) here out of nowhere

who do i introduce in this thread next
  • ben (aa variation)
  • circle (+square)
  • marigold
  • “crewmate lady”
  • other ocs apart from those five (please be warned that i have a fuckton of ocs up my sleeve)

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the only brief info i can give so far is

  • you might recognize aa ben as “that one oc i drew with averill”
  • circle/square/marigold all came from my ongoing interactive aa storyline, where it deviates really hard from the original aa (like circle aka. the protagonist with amnesia goes to ice crown island instead of doom island first :sob:)
  • “crewmate lady” is still unnamed, but i made her to be one of sage’s crewmates


Something is strangely pulling me to Circle and Square… They look nice, would like to learn more about them and why they were named after shapes.

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ight, circle + square time

Note: the circle’s aa storyline deviates really hard from the original storyline, and the current story is now under my direction. so yeah circle doesn’t end up training with theos rn

circle was the amnesiac protagonist, uses shadow magic. they don’t seem to react well with the shadow magic at first (earlier in the storyline, their shadow magic was described as having ‘skin-crawling sensation’)


^ this is the shit they did at newground island. they were exploring the island and got jumped on by a crazy wizard, which ends with circle trying to bash the wizard to death with a coconut. but theos oblierated the wizard before circle successfully killed a person for the first time

also circle named themself that because well. they saw theos using magic circle, and they wanted to make their name have something to do with magic. their full name is circle windwaker, and theos gave them the surname.

after going to ice crown island and sleeping for the first day, circle found their elder twin brother in their dreams. the twin went “if you’re circle, then I shall call myself square” after explaining these backstory stuff:

  • both circle and square got killed during theos vs durza fight
  • square doesn’t know who brought circle back to life, but they didn’t bring square back to life too. so there he is, living inside circle’s mind.
  • he does not like theos.
  • square said circle was a nice kid before they died. they used to live in a village together. circle also unlocked their shadow magic a month before their death.
  • circle’s old name doesn’t matter right now.

so yeah, square is basically a ghost, giving circle insights and advice during their adventures.

here’s the story trello. if you want to catch up with the story, you can check out the summaries of each story cards lol


Yooo this is super interesting! Very cool characters. I’ll read the stories if I have the time.

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ooc marigold and circle

some wacky lore shit is going down in arcane shenanigans story :muscle:

anyways. the king David art comparison is now updated

and why he orang :joy:


the crewmate lady is the second most popular character in the poll, and I just drew her, so I might as well…

(she’s still unnamed :sob:)

  • I created her bc I thought sage would trust a woman to be her co-captain. though, I’m still not sure if this character will be just a crewmate or a co-captain
  • a weapon user. I’m still deciding if it’s gonna be just a regular weapon or magic weapon. she uses swords
  • a polite woman of a few words, can appear pretty airheaded, the type to stab as a warning
  • if you drag her to a party or something, she won’t drink too much, so she can still get the crew home in case everyone is already wasted
  • the crew wonders if she has any hobbies aside from fighting and stuff relating to weapons (yeah she does. one of them is people-watching)
  • she isn’t seen smiling often, and she often smiles when it looks like she’s only smiling out of politeness. her smiling expression looks like :> (she normally looks like :<)

now for the rough story part

  • one day, the crew notices sage returning to their ship with a tall swordswoman
  • the swordswoman didn’t even say anything about where she came from, she’s just pointing at sage a few times and going “captain brought me here”

edit: more joan



no reason really, that’s just the first word that popped into my mind when i saw her


ah a fellow “actual human interactions is exhauting so i’ll just watch them instead” enjoyer

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remade my averill sticker bc i didnt like how it looked like (its only in my discord server rn lmfao, exclusive ass sticker)

i asked my friends to suggest me characters to genderbend, and they suggested me theos, randal (i used his webcomic design), and marua

also have this character friendship dynamic i notice a lot in my ocs


i should let yall witness this too

kds with my kpop-boy-looking-ass hairstyle

bro a different character with my haircut :sob: