Body wrappings for the torso won't show?

What were you doing before bug occurred: Equipping my body wrappings (the one for the torso). When I equip it, it doesn’t show my body wrappings. Even other people can’t see it on me.

Steps to reproduce: Maybe it’s just me? I caught a body wrapping from fishing and I when I equip it, it won’t show.

F9 Logs ( press f9 to view them in-game): *


Pictures/Videos: The picture is included with the F9 logs

click that and it’ll appear

i think it works the same with merchant coat as it changes the shirt itself and doesn’t add any extra model like iron, sunken, merc etc. so not having it won’t make it appear

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Why is that even a stupid option

Literally makes no sense, it’s just vanity

it’s so you can give yourself gauntlets with exiled armor or have gloves from merc and all that

Ohh…that makes sense

@liu can you close this?