Boss difficulty ranking(spoilers obviously)

Idk I was bored

#6, Iris, the Anomaly.
Im expecting nobody to be surprised, Iris was WAY easier then everybody thought she would be lol

#5, Shura, the wandering Ronin
Harder then Iris but still pretty easy since all you gotta do is pretty much dodge then shoot at em with a flintlock or something

#4 Lady Carina
I find Lady Carina annoying but shes still pretty easy, her terrain destruction and healing can get on your nerves though

#3 Lord Elius, Agent of the Order
Alr Im gonna be honest, this boss was way easier then everybody said it was, sure hes annoying but hes still pretty easy, yeah the 150 healing is annoying but the endlag for his moves is pretty convenient for you

#2 General Argos
Everybody says this boss is easy but I always struggle with this old asshole for no reason, his massive Aoe always hits me every single fucking time and that mf is always parrying

#1 King calvus
Im guessing nobody is surprised by this, fuck calvus and fuck his one shot move his dumbass is always moving around and since im so slow to react I can never see where he went, as soon as I do turn around im already dead

This tier list seems pretty accurate to me, I mean you could switch Argos and Elius but thats pretty much it


literally the only one of these i fully agree with (ranking wise)

time to one-shot

Made one as well because why not and who tf cares

#4, Shura, the wandering Ronin AND Iris, the Anomaly.
If you literally need a second try with these bosses, you have a massive skill issue. Both of these bosses can easily be killed with flintlocks.

#3 Lady Carina
Healing is honestly the only problem, without the passive healing she would be in #4.

#2 General Argos AND Lord Elius, Agent of the Order
These guys both deserve a shared spot, they’re basically the exact same with only one having a hella lot of phases and one having passive regen. Both are pretty simple, just watch out for those things that get on your nerves.

#1 King calvus
The only problem I have with this boss is the lag and the dodging of this boss. I can’t hit this boss for shit every time I go in for the hit and the lag just makes the window of hitting him shorter. His insta-kill attack is annoying, however you can hit him before he activates so that he deals less damage. Other than that, pretty complicated boss ngl.

This tier list is from my point of view, post your own below idc and I won’t complain (maybe) this tier list is reviewing it without the uses of cheesing or virgin magic abuse.

I think at the point in the game that you fight them, Elius is actually worse than Calvus. Calvus has relatively fair mechanics, if not obscure ones. Elius is… just kind of bullshit. His phase two feels like a damage tax where you cheese him out and just kill him before he kills you. The visibility and destruction of the floor is way worse in Elius’s fight anyways, making him worse than Calvus imo.

Not as bad as the 150 damage rushdown in the second stage which I cannot parry no matter how many times I try

I agree with everything except I’d move Argos to #3 and then swap calvus and Elius. ELIUS WHY DO YOU HEAL OVER 10% OF YOUR HEALTH WHENEVER YOU FEEL LIKE IT AND DO A TON OF DAMAGE TO PLAYERS TRYING TO STORY?

bro how do people let calvus full charge the nuke it takes literally 10 seconds :skull:

imma be real
swap these 2 and ur good
if you know Shura’s pattern he’s literally a no effort boss
Iris can at least still hit you once you can predict her attacks

6: iris
5: shura
4: lord elius
3: carina
2: argos
1: calvus
elius is pathetic

how the fuck are people struggling with elius please someone explain
literally everything elius does is punishable

he’s just annoying
that’s kinda it
to be fair he was designed to be annoying

how did you struggle with argos

i didnt
he was just harder than everyone besides calvus

why is carina also above elius tho she is way easier

like i know elius is easy but carina?
she is on a different level

#6 Shura: all you had to do is dodge when he went invis, made like 1 attack every 5 seconds.
#5 Iris: Definitely harder than shura, does way more damage (both are easy)
#4 Argos: Easy as hell
#3 Carina: A lot more agile then argos, takes longer to kill due to her healing, higher chance you lose to her.
#2 Elius: Really annoying first boss fight, acts as a skill check for anyone that fights him.
#1 Calvus: Self explanatory

All of these ratings are meant for people fighting them on level.

If you need a second try with these bosses (the two bosses you are introduced to in a game you’ve never played before), and need to try a second time to get used to the controls (as you have never played the game before), its a massive skill issue!

i didnt
he was just harder than calvus


1# ellius

mf jumps around at mach 1 and refuses to stand still

2# Lady Carina & Calvus

Healing bozo, turns on creative mode flies everywhere and when you hit her again she has full health,
1.5k damage nerd

3# Argos

Coolest boss but slaps like a fly

#6 Shura

pretty easy ngl with bangers

#10 Iris

I 2 shotted her first time on warrior main

Insert people who struggled with that Snow mage here: