Boss item reimbursement ideas anyone...?

Ah yes, boss item topic #6527345694235432670

This is major though, and it’s hit the traders like a truck. People have grinded hard for these items. While their efforts won’t be completely in vain, we don’t even know what the re-imbursment will be.

  • It can’t be an op weapon because then everyone would have it
  • It can’t be the same items because apparently they don’t fit?
  • Can’t be a vanity item because that would absolutely crush people.
  • Idk if it can be a lost spell scroll because then they would be absolutely EVERYWHERE and I don’t know how rare vetex wants these to be.

People have sets stacked upon sets, weapon stacked upon weapon, and we have 3 months to think. I’m not putting this in suggestions because idfk.

Alright. The way I see it:

  • It should either be as rare as the boss items, maybe unobtainable afterwards

  • The stats should be the same besides some planned ballancing changes

  • The weapons special effects COULD be the same, but don’t have to be

  • I recompensation in terms of Galleons (The new crowns) wouldn’t really work well

lost magic scrolls (jkjk, that’d be kinda dum)

primordial magic scrolls :smiling_imp:

He should just replace it with the upcoming boss items .-.

Seems like a good idea on paper, but it would remove any incentive to grind the new boss :fr:

But people are still grinding for exile stuff .-.

How about something like the beta band? Unobtainable and says you played before the game change.

I would personally expect that the current boss drops will be replaced by the new bosses’ drops. Let’s say that The Exiled gets replaced by, for example, a new boss named Clayton. Sure. Clayton would drop a weapon, similarly to The Exiled, and any existing Oathkeepers would be replaced with this new weapon that Clayton drops. Enchantments would carry over from the Oathkeepers to the new drop.

Wait, are we even getting replacement bosses in TGR, actually? I don’t know, I suppose that would present a problem to this if not-