Boundary Builds Discussion

With the recent changes to damage for stat builds (v1.10.78), I’ve been thinking about boundary builds, 61:39 (151:99) for pure builds and 60:40 (150:100) for hybrids. Also, with the fact that builds can’t dip into other damage types if it isn’t related to their damage (v1.10.79) I’ll only be comparing vitality boundary builds with their vitality counterparts.

Common to all Boundary builds:

  • Health is pretty much the same (only 4 hp difference 396HP vs 400HP)
  • The differences between them would be:
    • Damage on hybrids is 75%, while the damage on pure builds is certainly more but I don’t know the exact percentage.
    • Awakenings

“Paladin” vs “Mage”

Both builds have access to all the spells available on their first magic, however the “Paladin” would have access to 2 spells on their second magic after first awakening, while the “Mage” would only have access to blasts.
Without knowing the damage I would say the “Paladin” is better.

“Warrior” vs “Knight”

Both have access to a weapon aura and also both have 2 moves available to use.
Both of them are kinda the same.

“Berserker” vs “Juggernaut”

Both builds have access to all the techniques available, after the first awakening the “Berserker” would have one technique while the “Juggernaut” would have two,
Same situation as magic, I would say the “Juggernaut” is better.

Which do you guys think is better?

This post is incomplete because I have no clue what the damage would be on the pure builds

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Going 61:39 is pretty stupid imo for all builds side from maybe warden. You might as well fully commit to it. At that point it’s like a hybrid of a hybrid and those few points likely won’t get you anything anyways.



Wdym no vitality is the exception and all comparions are pure builds running 61:39 compared to vit hybrids running 60:40

oh is this about vitality
ignore me

No? Mages will have both access to Blast and Explosion spell with 2nd magic.

Mages have 250 sp and explosion requires 30 sp. 200 + 30 = 230

Pretty sure Berserkers are in the same boat but Idk their reqs and I’m too lazy to check

In the post I’m talking about a mage with 151 stat points in magic and 99 in vitality. Sorry if I didn’t make it clear enough, since blast spell is free they’ll have it but are well below the explosion requirement

Oh I’m retarded mb

I think Mage is better on release because you get access to Ultimate Blast, Ultimate Explosion, and the Shape option for Blasts and Explosions as well. Vitality can be substituted for Defense pretty easily, or you could just get a full Power build and never need health to begin with. That 10% damage reduction from the 2nd awakening is tempting, though.

I don’t think judging them is fair because Warrior doesn’t have a second awakening planned yet.

I think Juggernaut is better as well. In late-game it has extremely high potential with some lost fighting styles like Vampirism and Impact. And Fighting styles give great mobility, so adding absurd tankiness on top of that makes you near-unkillable.

damage isnt only based the build visibly, but also on your vitality ratio
yes i edited this like 10 times cuz wording matters

Dont blue-balls builds pls

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