Bounty Hunter Class Perks/Benefits

Bounty Hunter Class Perks/Benefits
effort 3.0 2 quality 4.0 2 reasonability 4.0 2


These are possible perks of being a bounty hunter.

Details/background on your proposal

It could be all of these or just some of these ideas.

My first idea is bounty Hunters should have the privilege to bounty hunt while a bad rep. This would increase the danger of having a high bounty as even bad reps could hunt you down.

My second idea is that bounty hunters wouldn’t need to hunt someone to get their bounty kinda like the AG or the Navy(for clarification I mean that if your a bounty hunter and you kill someone with a bounty you get it automatically). This would be super nice because most of the time when you see someone with a bounty you can’t get it simply because there’s no bounty boards nearby.

My third idea is that would have exclusive quests only for bounty hunters, such as hunt or takedown this person for their bounty plus a quest reward.

My fourth idea is that bounty hunter would be a class but bounty hunting wouldn’t be exclusive to it. Instead it would have the aforementioned buffs to bounty hunting

Reason to add/change

I think these changes should be added because they would give purpose to the bounty hunter class. Also please give criticisms if you don’t like some of the buffs the class would give.

so this is the damm suggestion i just made but better?
well shit im out of votes

Don’t say that your suggestion was good too.

I thought you were insulting his suggestion when I first read your reply lmao