Breaking news: child makes a fool of himself

the journey of a man
featuring out of context srt

might post more pinned messages idk


(body is very clear)

btw to those who didn’t get it, I meant it both ways

i hate you with a burning passion

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these don’t need any context btw, you already have all the information you need.


Oh hey you’re back!

hes not

his rage was strong enough to project his thoughts onto the forum, he is still in brazil.

just accept fate

fate accepted

i’ll draw that.

every moment i look at what im making i feel pain

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ive made a part of it but im lazy, ill try to have femboy thingyy drawing ready tomorrow

The life cycle of a femboy


Hands you a canister of napalm

Now your hatred won’t be the only thing burning.

dont be rude >:C


fight for femboys


Nice PfP