Brief View of Script

Hey everyone. Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been busy with a bunch of upcoming tests and exams for school. I’ve recently been writing a story (it has nothing to do with AO, hence why I put it in Off Topic) with a friend. I was hoping someone could take a brief look at it, and give their honest opinion as to how it is. I also would appreciate feedback.

Link to document: Hey people. I was wondering, for a screenplay I’m writing, I just need your honest opinion and ask what I could fix in it.

Link to document is here.

Quick note: I’m not expecting you to spoonfeed me all the answers. Just want an honest opinion and feedback.

It doesn’t have the format of a real script at the moment, I’m making a rough draft. Also, I need it to be historically accurate enough.



Lmk if you’re looking @ it and tell me what you think so far.

caught in 4k
i mean not really since you used your first name as part of your username

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@AdityaCoolDude it’s pretty rad as it is currently but maybe don’t give everyone with the link edit perms though
it would really really suck if someone were to delete it or add inappropriate stuff to it (either accidentally or on purpose)

i read like the first few pages it looks pretty cool