Bronze Sea Islands (and some mechanics)

Dawn Island 1
Redwake 2
Frostmill 3
Goso Jungle 4
Palo Town 5
Stepstones 6
Aksurius Keep 7
Cirrus Island 8

Short Descriptions Aksurius Keep An haunted theme island in the bronze sea.

Cirrus Island The first sky island in the War Seas. Has the first skyships.

Dawn Island The first Island where you meet Morden at. The beginning of your adventure is here.

Redwake The first island with an village. Home to the first parts of the storyline. It is surrounded by spires.

Frostmill The first snow based island Has the 2nd boss who’s name is Iris.

Cirrus Island The first sky island,home to the first skyship.

Palo Town. An merchant town. Has two side quests.

Goso Jungle The first island with a fighting mentor. Not much else is known about it.

Stepstones This island is how you get to Cirrus Island. It has boulders that can crush players.

Fruits are abundant in most of the islands and will be used for the Hunger System in the future.

Blizzards happen on snow islands so be careful!

Large Waves happen in the War Seas so beware sailors!

Whirlpools can suck players in so watch out!
A specific type of shark (forgot it’s name) can pop out of whirlpools so watch out for jump scares.

Great White Eyes The largest shark in the game and ranges around 3000 health. It is red in color and drops a tooth.

Regular Shark A regular shark in the game

Poison Shark. When this Shark hits the player it gives them the poison status effect (hence it’s name). It is part of the Sea Monster category.

White Eyes. An regular white eyes shark. It is between Great White Eyes and Megaladon.

Megalodon A very large Shark. It does large damaging bites.

Lurker This shark ONLY pops out in whirlpools and bites the player or boat sucked in the whirlpool.

Shark Facts All sharks except the Posion Shark gives out the bleeding status effect when bit by a shark.

There is a max of 36 sharks in all servers.

The Bronze Sea is named the bronze sea because of the abundance of mines there.

Especially made for @Snax who is still confused about the revamp.


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There is the White Eyes and Great White Shark, they aren’t connected (besides both being sharks).
The White Eyes is the massive sea monster that you called “Great White Eyes”
Great White Shark is probably the “White Eyes” you described.

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