Bruh moment
this guy quit the forum cause we didnt like his suggestion


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Bruh moment indeed. On a sidenote I’ve had PLENTY of suggestions rejected by the community and you don’t see me leaving the fourms because of it lol.

my man is like 6 year old me when i would cry when somebody told me one thing was wrong with my work

then again his suggestion wasnt the best

You would have to keep deleting stuff and it would be especially annoying when you get a lost scroll or something but your inventory is full

Hey, I understood this before I created the suggestion, my past actions led to me being the current holder of the speed run for being hated the fastest.
I think I did it excellently what about you?

bruh nobody hated you, you just made a bad suggestion and we called you out on it.

criticism ≠ hate

When you say we do you mean most, some or just you because there were a couple insults and some are in this post lol.