Bruh Vetex be like

Get your priorities straight vetex


he tryin


I mean he already did everything the meme says in a way except for Lost Spells.


Frozen turkey item confirmed.

Ummm what did he do to make pvp fun?

He rebalanced a few magics I guess :man_shrugging:t5:

Trying to fix client side or something in the TU

Rebuffing weapons


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You have to actually expand the map first before making new content. Meat freezers are map details. We can talk all about how we want so much new content in WoM because we actually have a map.

Even if we were to assume that for some odd reason we need to add lost spells before actually making the map bigger the map details are still going to be done in AO so that’s just switching the order things are done in.

Commutative property states that two things added together are the same amount regardless in order. Adding the map details afterwards would amount in the same amount of time taken. This is a cringe take.


Why do you care, its all going to be in the game when its released anyway, the order its added doesn’t matter. Its not like me adding lost spells will mean AO releases instantly, its still going to take another 6 months regardless.


meat freezers, vetex’s new title is meat freezers cause he gottem meat on his head

Meat freezers are fine being added as it’s part of the island itself. However, I’m unsure if combat will remain okay. Hopefully something well turns out because all we truly know is melee is getting revamped and stat points are being added. But yeah I’d definitely like to see more combat revamps at least this update. I disagree with waiting for later level caps just for combat to be fun.

too many words

attention span of a peanut

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look he’s trying his best

plus it’s possible worldbuilding so that’s a plus
might be indicating the redwake is more technically advanced than other places in the war seas

Did he allow us to choose server regions? Because I could do without a server making me fight with 750+ ping.


meat freezer

It’s just that it’s a bit disheartening to see that this is what you spend your time programming instead of, y’know, actual gameplay stuff.

Yes, food definitely has nothing to do with gameplay. Bro when my hunger bar goes down in minecraft I just don’t eat, imagine wasting time on a gameplay related feature just to heal or not walk 2 inches per second.

Also, as he said, he’s doing everything, the order doesn’t matter.

Well, is food in the game yet? If not then there really isn’t a point to meat freezers being in the game.