Buff the Keen and Swift enchants

Currently, the Keen and Swift enchants increase casting/magic speed by 1 per 20 levels, half the rate of every other enchant.

This was originally done in light of linear scaling so that people at level 5,000 won’t have outrageously fast casting/magic speeds. But with logarithmic scaling, this is already dealt with. There is no reason for keen/swift to give less stats compared to the other enchants, or they will forever be the worst enchants in the game due to always netting less results. Gear that gives casting/magic speed don’t give less stats compared to their other stat counterparts, so why can’t the enchants give the same stats as other enchants?

Actually the forever worst enchant in the game will be destructive because it does literally nothing for your magics but make them break structures slightly faster.
I guess its good if your opponent is taking cover, but your magic’s natural destruction stat will have that covered if you’re using literally anything that isn’t poison.
but yea, keen and swift kinda suck right now.

By “The worst enchants,” Meta meant they will always be the least effective. Destructive is useless, but it is effective if you want more destruction for some reason.


Heck yeah, maybe grinding out a max casting speed set will actually be worth it instead of sadly disappointing.

Watch when destruction will be the best when the meta is blasting your opponent into a deeper hole and they can’t magic jump out.

That ain’t now tho

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I really hope destruction gets a buff since water by itself doesn’t damage the terrain that well.

It’s good for liquid magics to have a low destruction so that they don’t destroy the ground when making puddles. Not really important with water if you aren’t planning to use lightning but still.

watch me unnanchor the entire map with maxed destruction

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