Buffed Primary Versions


friend had an idea so id thought id just add more to it and post it here

If a player decides that they don’t want to combo with another magic, or is selecting their third magic, they can “buff” their primary magic instead of choosing a second/third one. Upon selecting another alternative form of the magic you currently have (could just be applied to the primary magic), both form(s) gain an additional 10% in damage, as well as having the following effects:

Acid Magic - Acid Rain - Striking an enemy with Melting will cause them to rapidly drop large pools of acid on the ground as they move.
Notes: Acid is already pretty solid as is, but could use a bit of help causing more mayhem with its puddles.

Water Magic - Cleansing Waters - Teammates struck by water magic while standing in a puddle will have any forms of DOT damage and negative effects removed from them.
Notes: Water magic’s intention has always been, to act as a supportive magic, making other affects more powerful. Cleansing Waters doubles down on this
idea, turning Water magic into a more full-fledged support magic.

Ink Magic - Blot - Removes ALL of its magic synergies (except for Paper’s Scribed), and increases damage by 200%.
Notes: Ink Magic has always been sorta out of place to me, crutching on a single magic synergy while being an otherwise less interesting Water. The idea of this change
is to maintain that Paper synergy if you still want it, while being a magic to be reckoned with.(because who the heck wants to choose Ink TWICE)

Fire Magic - Afterburn - Soul burn causes Fire spells to deal 20% more damage, but only 10% of that damage
is instantly dealt with the rest being damage over time. Hitting an enemy with a different soul burn overrides the current burn.
Notes: To make Fire Magic more unique and stand apart from Magma and Acid, I wanted to give the classic damage over time magic some more oomph on its DOT’s

Earth Magic -Geo Bind - Enemies stuck by Earth magic spells while in the air are forced to the ground, taking damage upon impact.
Notes: Earth magic was one of those magics that was really missing any sort of redeeming qualities, so I’m hoping this opens new combat strategies and tactics,
while being in line with the earthen theme.

Ice Magic - Icy Prison - Freeze lasts 50% longer, however no magic can deal damage to frozen enemies. Magics that gain damage from shattering it still can
shatter ice, however, and gain an additional 15% damage.
Notes: Not much to say about this one, clear pro with a clear con.

Lightning Magic - Chain Lightning - Upon striking an enemy with a lightning spell, an additional 4 enemies nearby will take 33% of the damage taken. This damage
cannot cause paralysis.
Notes: Lightning is extremely powerful as is (in my opinion), so I thought a statistical buff or additional CC really isn’t necessary.

Magma Magic - Cataclysm - Striking the ground with enough Magma spells will cause a pool of lava to spawn, which will deal extreme amounts of damage to enemies
who touch it, as well as apply Melting.
Notes: I think 1-shotting lava is too busted, but by heavy damage I was thinking like 15% HP per second while standing in it.

Wood Magic - Heart of the Forest - Striking a tree with a Wood spell will make it explode, dealing a large amount of area of effect damage, and cause it to
instantly regrow. Additionally, if there are no trees around, striking the ground with a powerful enough Wood spell will cause a tree to grow.
Notes: Wanted to keep in theme with the wood idea mostly.

Light Magic - Lux Termina - Striking an enemy while they are blinded will increase the damage of the following spell by a flat 5%.
Notes: I’m a little stuck on Light, so you guys could comment a few ideas.

Wind Magic - Windwalker - Dealing damage with a wind spell will cause the user to gain a burst of speed, causing stamina-consuming actions to use up less

Notes: Wind magic is another neglected magic that is on paper good for getting rid of status effects, but sorta falls flat because it doesn’t offer anything besides
that. I think Water magic is a better candidate for “the utility magic” so I wanted to give Wind something that played on the “Wind” theme.

Shadow Magic - Nightmare - Striking an enemy with enough Shadow hits will not only blind them, but also cause their controls to be inverted. (Forward
will be backwards, left will be right, etc.)
Notes: Since Shadow magic’s blind is already troublesome, I felt like making things more hectic would be a nice fit

Iron Magic - Iron Fist - Striking an enemy who is channeling a spell (whether it is before they fire it, or mid-firing) with enough iron spells will interrupt
them, causing them to stop casting and be flung back slightly. Additionally, Fist based melee styles will deal additional damage.
Notes: Iron has always felt like an inferior Glass, so I wanted to give it something that made it feel different as well as giving utility.

Paper Magic - Writing Your Will - All damage dealt to a target below 30% max HP is increased by 50%.
Notes: I wanted to include an execution-based effect to a magic and thought the whole paper writing execution note type stuff was cool.

Poison Magic - Plague - Poison lasts 300% longer, deals 10% more damage, but the damage caused on impact of spells is lowered by 70%. Also
loses any synergy with bleed. Additionally, enemies who die while Poisoned spawn Mindless Thralls, zombies who attack any nearby targets with bandit melee
AI for 30 seconds.
Notes: Poison’s tough since I feel like it’s one of the better magics. I wanted to make it flavorful but not busted busted. (hoping this doesn’t tread too close to Soul Burn)

Gold Magic - Midas Touch - All quest rewards increased by 30%, and killing enemies has a chance to turn them into gold. Touching a gold enemy with your character
will cause you to gain currency scaling according to the reward of the highest quest you can complete.
Notes: Gold magic is also one of those soul-less magics, and I’m hoping these will help give it way more soul. (probably subject to change because it doesn’t
really make it any better in combat, suggestions are helpful here.)

Plasma Magic - Fusion Reactor - Striking ANY enemy with ANY debuff (dark, blind, poisoned, bleeding, etc.) will cause the debuff to be removed and for them
to explode, dealing damage in a large area of effect and lose the debuff.
Notes: Science!

Sand Magic - Erosion - Striking a player with this magic will cause them to lose 10% Magic Energy and 5% Stamina. Striking an AI enemy with this magic will
cause them to unable to jump or sprint for a brief period of time.
Notes: Sand magic is a weird, weird magic, I hope this brings it more glory as I only saw it as a lightning-buffer.

Glass Magic - Eviscerate - Spells deal 80% more damage, HOWEVER no longer apply bleed. Spells do still leave behind glass, though, and this glass
deals 50% more damage as well.
Notes: Glass magic is an extremely powerful synergy enabler. The purpose of this change is to let people who want to primarily use glass without feeling
like they need to use another magic to compliment the bleed.

Crystal Magic - Bulwark - Striking an enemy with a spell will cause the caster to gain one stack of Crystalline Bulwark, reducing all damage taken
by 10%. Taking damage will remove a stack. Stacks up to 5 times, for a total of 50% damage reduction, down to 40% upon being hit once, etc. Reduces damage
of damage of time affects by 50% while active, however is not removed by damage over time.
Notes: I think a tank-based magic is a very interesting concept and worth exploring.

Snow Magic - Relentless Winter - Walking through Snow piles will GREATLY reduce movement speed, except for the caster, who will instead gain movement speed.
Additionally, increase the duration of the Snowy effect by 50%.
Notes: Snow has always been the awkward younger brother of Ice. Hoping these effects will give it more identity as well as being more useful.

Explosion Magic - Daredevil - Dealing damage with Explosive spells has a chance to reset the cooldown on boost spells, as well as making the first one used
upon being reset completely free. This boost also deals damage where the caster launches from.
Notes: Explosion already has a niche as being the boom boom terrain destruction spell. Hoping this one helps retain its identity while also
encouraging a bombastic and wild playstyle.

Ash Magic - Vesuvius - Reduces the threshold needed to inflict Petrified to 10%.
Notes: Ash Magic I think really just needs a bit more umpf to on its ability to function as a solo magic.

"Some of these sound too strong, or redundant." - Again, none of these are final and it’s really only an idea. I would love to see something similar to it though.

"Why?" - just cause

I believe Vetex already denied this idea as it doesn’t make sense with the lore of the War Seas. You would only choose two of the same magic in AA so that one of them could mutate into another magic, and you would still be able to use your original magic as well.

Since mutations aren’t really a thing in the War Seas, there is no support from the lore to have this be a thing, and I believe that this would just end up being nightmarish to balance at some point.


that much work for meta to say no also tbh the magics I look at doesn’t really go well with the game like daredevil, that’s like something from a different game or movie and Midas touch, you’d just end the game completely also I’m pretty sure mutations would still be a thing cause its in the arcane world kind of also you did mess up the magic types cause they say give’s more health but the magic’s only give out speed, size, damage, and effects to the magic it’s self

thanks for telling me dat.

yeah I didn’t really write this expecting open arms. I kinda just wanted 2 see more done with magic passives and stuff instead of t2 and t3 masteries making ur magic a little bigger and that’s it.

mutations were a thing only of the seven seas, and subsequently Magius. iirc the War Seas isn’t as advanced with magic as the Seven Seas.

equinox not confirmed

equinox been confirmed

War Seas are actually more advanced

equinox wouldn’t be a mutation; it would be a lost magic iirc.



war seas are more advanced

and besides we already have magics which were mutations like plasma, ash, poison etc

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