Buffing HP Gain from a Player Kill from 20% to 30%-35%

Right now if you kill someone, you get 20% of your HP bar back, say you’re fighting a 1v2/1v3/1v4, which are more prevalent with guild update/ganks, having only 20% HP pack from getting a kill barely helps you win that encounter, be it 1v2/1v3/1v4. I believe that if we raise the HP gain from a player kill to 30%-35% as Vetex/Testers see fit, it would greatly increase the chances of winning a gank as a solo player.

EDIT: Maybe the HP gain could scale to if the players you’re fighting are in a party, to 40-45% as suggested by Killerboss08

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If the person fighting you is in a team and their team members are within a certain distance of them, the HP gain on kill should increase.
From 20% for non-team members to 100% if you’re fighting somebody in a group of 10.

Why an option to instantly recover on kill with that many people? Keeps guild wars active and prevents needless downtime.


Auto vote cause orion :fr:

It should just scale the more players there are.

if there are 4 players in your proximity just get 40% of your health ba-

you got my vote, this sounds good :nod:

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getting 20% hp back to fight a second player would be dumb, its not enough hp to trade damage and have the possibility of winning, I’d agree to your suggestion is that 10% rose from a certain percentage already ex. (35%x10% per every other nearby player)

eh that’s true. You can get 30% hp per player in your proximity after killing someone.

So fighting 4 people and killing one gets you pretty good hp and then your natural regen is pretty good

fair, yeah that works

and if you’re fighting someone with an insane amount of power and good aim it’s not gonna matter anyway ;_;

I get being ganked isn’t much fun, but you should be at a fairly serious disadvantage if you’re being 2v1’d - people should be able to take down more powerful/skilled opponents using sheer numbers.

The ganking issue we face isn’t really
“less skilled players are beating better players by outnumbering them”
it’s more
“these reasonably skilled players are running around killing anything that moves so nobody can play the game”

If the regen was much higher, your team becomes worse if you bring weak friends, since your opponents can regen by picking them off. The mega-tryhards might win a couple more fights against inexperienced guilds, but everyone else suffers from this change.
More firepower should always be a good thing, otherwise the newbies really don’t stand a chance.


issue with this is that a lot of fights become unwinnable because of a single extra player, personally I think it’s total bullshit

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it’s not even because the health regain on kill is too low it’s just because of how combat in wom is structured

like 1 dude could be focusing you and the other waiting for you to cast anything or just spam explosions :fr:


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