Buffing pillar explosions

Currently pillar explosions are totally usless, they have 1.1x the damage of a shockwave or sphere explosion but has really really bad size, for an explosion the most important stat is its size. Because literally no one uses pillars in any combat not even pve combat i think it deserves some buffs.

icrease size by 20-30%
increase damage multiplier from 1.1x to 1.15x or maybe even 1.2x
make the hitbox actually really vertical

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Instead of both damage and size, it should either get decent size buff OR a damage buff. Though, the verticality should go without saying.

yea they are way too short :fr:

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Exactly, pillars need some love. They should at the very least be able to hit the floor from t jump heights.

I agree with the fact that they do need a buff, but damage and size buff would be too much, imo i think size buff and hitbox change would be alright. Pillars look the nicest, but they aren’t viable in combat at all.

I think the reason for the small size of the pillar explosion is because of our level. The size of it probably scales with our level.

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