[Buy&Sell] Khajiit selling Amulets, Wizard Set and Red Valky

Khajiit has wares if you have crowns

SELLING (Armour):
1x Valkyrie Helm lvl50 (red)
1x Valkyrie Helm lvl60 (red)
1x Bursting Valkyrie Helm lvl50 (white)
1x Wizard Hat lvl50 (brown) SOLD
1x Wizard Hat lvl40 (beige) SOLD
1x Wizard Pant lvl50 (grey)
1x Forceful Wizard Robe lvl60 (grey) SOLD
1x Keen Wizard Robe lvl50 (blue)

SELLING (Amulet):
2x Power Amulet lvl60 (Dull)
3x Power Amulet lvl50 (Dull)
1x Bursting Power Amulet lvl50 (Dull)
1x Agility Amulet lvl60 (Dull)
3x Destruction Amulet lvl60 (Dull)
2x Destruction Amulet lvl50 (Dull)
3x Magic Size Amulet lvl50 (Dull)
1x Magic Size Amulet lvl60 (Dull)
1x Defense Amulet lvl50 (Dull)
2x Magic Speed Amulet lvl50 (Dull)
2x Knockback Amulet lvl50 (Dull)

1x Strong Wizard Robe (Any colour) Bought
1x Hard Defense amulet (Dull)
1x Strong Vistarian Crossbow

Khajiit accept smoke arrow at exchange rate of 1:1, please contact khajiit via forum DM or [email protected]#0064

How much for the dull defense amulet?

Please offer me your price.

500 crowns for all 5 dull power amulets

Hmmm. Deal.
Let’s facilitate the trade via discord.

i would like your power amulets dull ill pay arround 500 crowns each
dis: EnderFarhan#8013

Alright. I’ll take that, how do plan on paying me 500 crown each tho?

P.S. i can’t find you on discord.

i have lots of maxed out accounts so maybe ill give it to you, you spend it and we keep on like this btw i cant find your to tho.

It’s a little tedious to do trade that way, I don’t have much to spend on. Do you have defense amulet [dull]?

Alternatively, I’ll accept the smoke arrow equivalent.

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