Buying a Headless Head for 10 Rusty Cans

Title says all, I know, I’m overpaying.

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get 990 more

You’d be actually willing to give a HH for 1000 Rusty Cans XD or is this a joke ?

i don’t have one to give but somebody might

For 1000 Rusty Cans… I dont believe you

there’s gotta be at least 1 soul out there that would buy it

I really doubt that

You imagen clicking 1000 Times to out all the Rusty Cans in the trade

i’ve put 100 thousand fish bait in a trade, i can imagine.

100k ? Wow

took an hour and a half with an auto clicker btw, and twice that really because i closed out the trade by accident when i got to 100k the first time

Did you use an auto clicker ?

yea but it still took a long time


@Cryonical :nod:

Wut, why you pinning Cryonical ?

Because he is as much of a simp for the Rusty Can as I am for Apocalypse Bringer.

does he even have one?

You are all so weird

Like, Apocalypse Bringer isn’t even si cool, there’s no inspiration in the idea