Buying any clean exiled drop for their price | Selling/Trading collars, fishing rod, armors and etc

Exiled WoJ, oath, helm, chest and boots for their price

Agility amulet (dull, lvl 50): 50
Magic Size amulet (poor, lvl 40): 36
Hard destruction amulet (dull, lvl 60): 78
Casting speed amulet (poor, lvl 40): 36
Beige warrior’s coat (lvl 50): 75
White hunting armor (lvl 60): 43
Forceful red wizard robes (lvl 80): 84
Clean collector’s fishing rod: 75
White scarf (lvl 20): 14

Nimble power amulet (dull, lvl 80) for either powerful or clean power amulet of lvl 80.
Forceful iron armor (lvl 80) for either clean iron armor or defensive iron armor

disc: Henriquekill9576#2866

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