Buying Beige and Black tricorn hats

Buying Beige Tricorn Hat, and buying Black Tricorn Hat. I can buy them separately if you only have one of them, for a sum of crowns. Around 150-300 crowns, yes I am that desperate for the drip.

in-game name: Kareem Grey
roblox username: sarmozi15
discord: CuPo#6511

wom down

you’re better off just grinding chests or looking if people have it in public servers. theres a very low chance you’re gonna get a crowns trade on discord, specially for a common item

Why ?

Drip is required to battle with joy.

Pretty sure I got some but I don’t take crowns, only arrows. So offer me some of those :hungry:

i recommend server hopping and looking through random dudes’ inventories and offering like 400 crowns to whoever has a tricorn hat
that’s what i did when i wanted a beige cape (up until i stumbled across a merchant that sold capes)

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