Buying gemstones & arrows

I’m ready to give kai and merlot/boss drops for a bunch of arrows/a fair amount of gemstones

how many gemstones/arrows you want? I’m interested in the kai and merlot items

ill give one kai/merlot item for a gemstone, and one for 1000 arrows

Dude what why do u want gemstones bro they useless I think

I’ll do this. If your available now warp to me: amahy

i would rather not leave my server right now, ill probably go there soon tho

ah ok. Or if you want I can warp to you, cos I gtg soon

Oh you should probably come to me then

whats your user?

tadetadetade2 (You can also click my profile picture)

also I can do the trade multiple times if you want

Just do one trade with all the things you wanted to do

do golden pearls count as gemstones?

they don’t

Dude’s already trying to predict their price would go up once gem socketing exists damn

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